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The Johnson Languages Institute was founded as a organization with the aim of connecting cultures. In our globalized world, English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, and Italian are necessary tools that allow individuals to achieve personal growth and to succeed in a number of different environments.


Speaking a foreign language makes it possible for people to get to know other cultures, which in turn helps them to better understand themselves. 


Our desire is for our students to actively participate in an enjoyable and fun environment while acquiring the necessary skills to efficiently communicate in another language. 


For quicker results, we design completely unique courses based on the personality and needs of every student. And, by implementing different teaching techniques for each student or group, we can ensure that real results will be seen.


We take a hybrid approach with regards to materials while focusing on the four principle areas of modern language instruction: Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Listening.


Real Results are the name of the game at JLI!




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Johnson Language Institute

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