Our Team


Claudia Burdisso-Johnson

Academic Manager & Instructor


Claudia Burdisso was born in Córdoba, Argentina. She has worked in English Institutes in Argentina, and taught individual classes for kids. She has also taught a Theater course in Córdoba at the National University of Córdoba. She has many years of small business administration experience.


Claudia has studied languages for seventeen years. She is very interested in Cultures and Education. At this moment she is studying Theater and Geography at the Metropolitan State University of Denver (GPA 4.0). When she graduates her goal is to stay involved with education at different instructional levels.


She has attended sixteen theater educational seminars, and recently she has joined the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. With regards to language, she is currently studying Italian.


Claudia thinks that learning a new language should be a pleasurable experience, and in order to be this way, the student has to feel confident and be able to laugh at his/her own mistakes. It is all about anticipating that learning is a process, and there are no shortcuts. So, let us enjoy it!



David Johnson

Business Manager & Instructor


David Johnson is from Colorado Springs, CO. He has recently returned from Argentina after living there for almost four years. While he was in Argentina, he spent time between Córdoba and Buenos Aires working in a number of positions, most importantly as an instructor specializing in TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).


David graduated in 2008 from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he studied International Affairs with a geographic specialization in Latin American Politics as well as Spanish and Portuguese Language and Culture.


David also participated in a graduate level Spanish Linguistics Seminar at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Spain, and he also spent six months studying the role of Latin America in global politics and also Argentine national politics and economy at three prestigious Universities in Buenos Aires.


Since graduating from college David has dedicated his life to educational instruction at an international level. And his passion for teaching continued to manifest itself at Jefferson Academy Charter School where he taught secondary level Spanish courses upon returning from Córdoba in 2012-2013.


He has spent time traveling in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain and France. He speaks Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian. He is currently also working as an active translator for various companies and private clients.



Raleigh Starbuck



Raleigh Starbuck is originally from Houston, TX and has also lived in Tucson, AZ before settling in Denver, CO. He majored in Spanish and Portuguese and minored in French at the University of Arizona in Tucson where he graduated magna cum laude with honors with a Bachelor of Arts. He also attended graduate school at the same institution and earned his Master's degree in Hispanic Linguistics.


Raleigh worked at the university as a tutor in Spanish and Linguistics for two semesters and as a Spanish instructor for seven semesters. He has also taught advanced Spanish courses at the high school level, and has over 100 hours of private tutoring experience in Spanish, French, Portuguese, and ESL to students of all ages. In addition, Raleigh has worked as a freelance Spanish-English translator.


He enjoys learning about other cultures and traveling and has visited Mexico, Spain, and France. Raleigh’s passion for learning foreign languages is evident in his knowledgeable and enthusiastic teaching of them. He knows that learning a new language can often be a challenge, but he believes that anyone can do it with enough dedication and with good guidance- he would love to get to know you and help you be successful!